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Find out how politics and music combine to produce this powerful and subversive brand of Latin Punk and Ragga-Reggae.

Che Sudaka Biography

Che Sudaka was born in the street music scene of Barcelona and unites musicians from Argentina and Colombia. Strictly devoted to the social counterculture their lyrics are about the problems of immigration, social injustice and war. Che Sudaka's multicultural attitude is expressed in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian songs, that combine this explosive power of Punk and Reggae which makes the band so unique.

Che Sudaka unites musicians from Argentina and Colombia who moved to Barcelona in the year 2001/2002 and stayed there as so called "illegal immigrants" after the tourist visa had expired. Che Sudaka therefore was the product of musical fondness of experimenting and the struggle for life and emerged from the environment of the street-music scene in the Mediterranean seaport.

Streets, bars, metros and the suburb trains of the Cercanía were the first stages where the guys trained their musical interaction as well as their entertainment talent. Clownery, improvisation and complete dedication were the basic requirements to fill the hat. This energy and the will to give the audience their best are still the outstanding attributes of this band.

Che Sudaka's debut album "Trippie Town" (2003) was dedicated to the "Plaza del Trippie" (Plz. George Orwell) in the old town of Barcelona, a meeting place for street musicians from all over the world and a source of inspiration for the fusion of different styles. Loaded with all these musical influences their first album presents ten songs that take the listener on a journey from Reggae, Ragga, Rumba to Drum&Bass and Argentinean folk music.

They became known internationally with their contribution "Sin papeles" (without documents) to the sampler "La Colifata" which presents the Mestizo scene of Barcelona. Che Sudaka's musical evolution was shaped not least by the friendship to Manu Chao and Radio Bemba. For the production of their second album "Alerta Bihotza" (2005) they were able to win bass player Gambeat who was responsible not only for the harder and more direct sound, but also for the elaboration of their extremely energetic live performances.

Their third album "Mirando el mundo al revés" (2007) is a return to Che Sudakas roots, the street music. The outcomes are catchy songs recorded acoustically featuring several guests
( Karamelo Santo, Amparo Sanchez etc.) and spontaneous collaborations.
Che Sudaka present this album Europe wide at first (more than 50 concerts in eight countries), before they officially introduce it in Spain where their concerts enthused the audience and media.

After almost 600 concerts in their relatively short band history, Che Sudaka belong to the most important and most fascinating bands made in Barcelona. They have fans all over the world, were awarded CD of the week at Funkhaus Europa, the Swedish national television featured them in a reportage about the music scene in Barcelona alongside names like Ojos de Brujo and Peret and invited them to Sweden to participate at the official presentation.
Che Sudaka were invited to the most important festivals (Sziget Festival, Lowlands, Territorios Festival, Bardentreffen, Stockholm and Malmö Festivalen etc…) and to Spain's most important music exhibition Vic 2008. This is a result of their untamed energy and enthusiasm.

Being devoted to the counterculture their lyrics are about the problems of immigration, social injustice and war. The multicultural spirit finds its expression in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English, Portuguese, French and Japanese songs which combine the explosive power of Punk, Reggae and Latin rhythms. This is what makes the band so unique.
In 2009 Che Sudaka will be ready again to fight for a more equitable world with Latin-Punk and Ragga-Reggae. Live we can expect a full volley of racing drums, fat guitars, pushing basslines and synthi-samples; many-voiced singings, influences of Rumba and Cumbia and the freaky live show of the two singer-brothers Leo and Kacha.
(Biography supplied by artist management-2009)

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