20th July 2012

Yes. We are excited!

Waaaaah. Hot off the press! The amazing Dub FX has now confirmed. They will be replacing Spoek Mathambo on Saturday, Big Red, 5-6pm.

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19th July 2012

Spoek Mathambo

Oh gawd. Sadly Spoek Mathambo has had to cancel his performance due to his tour schedule not allowing him sufficient time to apply for a visa. Exciting replacement artist coming soon!

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19th July 2012

The WOMAD Webcam

Phew, the Webcam has finally made an appearance on the front page of the WOMAD.co.uk website. We're sorry it is a little late, those dratted pixies were causing havoc to the web cam.

Be sure to refresh the page to see the changes to the site.

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18th July 2012

Welcome to Molly's Bar

Molly's Bar line up is brilliant. Open til 4am with live music and DJs until 2am Fri, Sat & Sun. Electric Swing Circus suggests you B.Y.O hula hoop, Biscuit Head & the Biscuit Badgers ask that you bring your dancing shoes and Bees Knees suggest you find a partner to jive throughout the night with. We suggest you get down there!

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17th July 2012

News from the boys and girls on site...

Yippee. We've had word from the site crew. "The WOMAD site is looking great. Sun has been out all day and the ground is drying out. And the roads we've built previously are really paying off this year." Look out for the webcam coming tomorrow.

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