Fiesta WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2011 - Saturday 12 November 2011

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Programme change
We are very sorry to say that CW Stoneking has had to cancel his performance at Fiesta WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria due to a family illness. WOMAD wishes him and his family the very best, and hopes that a speedy recovery is made.

Tankus The Henge have come in at the last notice and will be filling in. They look great! We cannot wait.

And so, we have less than 24 hours before the first performance starts, the stages are up and the flags are fluttering in the warm sea breeze. The WOMAD team are ready! Are you?

WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will be a one day fiesta event this year. With The Boulevard and Santa Catalina stages standing tall over the plaza, there'll be no chance of you missing the fantastic array of talented national and international musicians performing for you. And fear not, your WOMAD dose of children's workshops will be bursting out of the Miller Building as per previous years.

Can we wait for our WOMAD Fiesta? No we can't...

Pics: Giuseppe Mambretti

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